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Broken Chain is when a sale of a property falls through as a result of divorce, unemployment, bankruptcy or other issues that prevents a home from being sold.

If you need to sell your property immediately then an estate agent can be an uncertainty you do not wish to risk.

Even a contract on a home is not guaranteed until closing and there are so many variables that can go wrong, Loans are often not approved, and contracts fall through regularly.

This is where the chain of a real estate deal can break. You may have to re-market the home or attempt getting a loan when you are already in bad financial shape this is when our company can help you and come in and buy your home for cash.

At Jumlad Properties our buyers come in and buy your home for cash. Once you contact us we guarantee you a response within forty-eight hours. Within twenty-eight days the sale of your home is complete and your problems are resolved.

If you are going through a divorce this could be the solution for you also. Your house could be sold quickly when Either you or your spouse can agree to sell the house for cash to our buyers. We offer you these solutions instead of months of holding on to a home that goes through contracts and upheaval from estate agent transactions. And you can move on from all the emotions that comes with divorce

Are you in financial difficulty, struggling to pay your mortgage and monthly bills, switch to using your credit card on daily basis and thinking tomorrow will take care of itself

Of course, tomorrow rarely takes care of itself and now the days of obtaining cheap credit is well and truly over.

If you’re considering remortgaging your property to consolidate all your debts, you’re essentially getting further into debt but this time, the debt is secured on your home.

Have you considered the risks you are exposing you and your family to? What if you get made redundant or become unemployed? What if the interest rate rises? You might have heard this before but it is a reality – “Your home is at risk if you cannot keep up with your mortgage payments and any loans secured on it”. How true! If you get repossessed, you and your family will lose your home.

Borrowing more money to pay debt is a vicious circle. It is a dangerous game which could lead to insolvency and bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a serious matter and should never be taken lightly. If you are declared bankrupt, you will lose your home and all the assets. You no longer have any control over your finances, including your income. It will be made public in the local press! Apart from the loss of physical possessions, it could be a long time before one gets over the emotional trauma resulting from a bankruptcy. Although you could be discharged after 5 years, The Department of Trade and Industry will keep a record of proposal topic ideas for an essay the bankruptcy for up to 15 years. It could be years before you are eligible to obtain anymore credit, let alone buying your home again.

The only way to tackle debt is to pay it off and take drastic actions to reduce your monthly outgoings. If you have equity in your property, you need to sell it as quickly as possible and use the cash to pay off as many debts as possible. This is where Jumlad Properties can help. We have buyers who are ready to buy your property in cash within 28 days.

If you have little or no equity in your property, we can still help you.

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Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” John Rohn, famous American speaker and author.

Once you have made your decision to start a new life abroad either by choice or by circumstance why wait? You may need to sell your property first and you have put your property on the market for an estate agent to sell it for you. Going through the estate agent could take 3 months if you are lucky and it could be six. The whole process of selling through an agent is unpredictable, troublesome and stressful. Your buyer could pull out just before you exchange contracts. Meanwhile your mortgage payment it still on, you might even be paying two mortgages.

However, for many people, this is simply unaffordable particularly for those who have lost a regular income from a regular job back home. Being in a foreign country and watching the mortgage payments eat into the savings is not a good experience. If you are planning to move abroad, do not be bothered by a lengthy sale process through an agent. Jumlad Properties  can buy your property in cash.

Alternatively, if mortgage payments are a concern to you but you are not desperate to sell, we can take over the mortgage payments on your property by leasing it from you. You are then free from any responsibility associated with your property because we will take care of it. In return, we will agree on a price today at which you will grant us the option to buy your property sometime in the future, typically between two to five years.

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If your property gets repossessed, you loose a lot more. Your name will also be added to the Possessions Register and all the major credit agencies will be notified. As a result, your credit rating will be adversely affected. Few mortgage lenders would want to lend to anyone who has been repossessed so you may never be qualified for another loan or mortgage again. You and your family will have to move out and find other accommodation, losing the familiarity and security of the home you have been living in. With another rate rise looming, it is in your best interest to do whatever is necessary to stop repossession before it becomes too late. We can help you stop repossession now if you act now.

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