Why Rent to Us??

  • We will require the property on a long term let
  • We only rent to young professionals in full time employment
  • We have a weekly cleaner
  • We are happy to take care of small repairs and maintenance issues
  • You get paid even if the property is empty
  • No more late payments or missed payments
  • No more management problems, chasing rents
  • We pay all utilities from our own bank account
  • No more having to deal with problem tenants
  • No more calls in the middle of the night to change a light bulb!
  • If needed we will give your property a light refurbishment
  • We will liaise with you to organise larger maintenance issues
  • We take care of deposits & registrations
  • We have our own gardener
  • We carry out our own regular inspections
  • No more dealing with nonchalant letting agents
  • No more extortionate letting fees ever!
  • Fully managed by our experienced team
  • We will take all the hassle and stress away TODAY!

In return

  • We would like a small reduction in the monthly rent
  • We would like a month (or part) rent free while we carry out the refurb
  • We would like to work with you in upgrading some furniture.
  • We would like to work with you to improve safety features in the property.
  • We would perhaps like an option to buy your property in the future.

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